Many of us settle for the smallest version of ourselves

There are barriers, both visible and invisible, that are stopping you from making the most of your life.


What’s getting in your way?

  • Fear

  • Feelings of inadequacy

  • Imposter syndrome 

  • Past failures 

  • Inability to keep commitments

  • Blindspots

  • Being good enough


see where you're going? Now let's figure out how you get there.


Develop a vision


Get equipped


Get unstoppable


I’ve worked over 15 years in training & leadership to help people achieve the impossible.


Businesses and organizations Johan has worked with


what Johan’s clients have to say…

“Johan has helped me be creative in my problem solving and more importantly, imaginative in my goal setting. He is a fierce advocate who supports me in my growth and fights to help me reach my vision and make it a reality.” 

Alyssa Gioscia, Sr. Client Success Manager 

“When I first spoke with Jo about coaching, I knew I wasn’t looking for some of the typical outcomes. For me, it wasn’t about making more money or moving into the corner office. I knew I was playing small and holding myself back, and I wanted a coach who could help me break free from that mindset and step into my full potential. After just one month of coaching with Johan, I could see a shift. His questions, guidance, and advocacy are helping me find my best self and move through the life and career obstacles that I once viewed as impossible.”

Corbrina Rollins, Transponder at Work Human

“Johan’s coaching dramatically changed the way I relate to my professional and personal goals. His insight, honesty and dedicated focus provided me with a fresh perspective on my own behavioral patterns, and highlighted the real and practical ways I could start seeing significant improvements in every area of my life.”

Aaron Milus, Writer / Senior Marketing Designer, Aspiration


What’s keeping you on the sideline?

Are you afraid of…

  • Never getting in the game.

  • Never finding out what you're made of.

  • Never answer the question: What am I capable of?

  • Never giving away the love you have to give.


you are bigger than you think!

You are big enough to…

  • Write that book

  • Start your business

  • Make your first million dollars